TwitchCon 2019 Recap

This past Wednesday I wrapped up an incredible trip to San Diego, where I was tabling at TwitchCon‘s Artist Alley with my friend Ashley Villers (a.k.a. winterTHIRTEEN). It was my first time as an exhibitor at a convention, and combined with all the evening revelries with good friends, it was my most memorable and energizing con yet.

My booth setup at TwitchCon Artist Alley with Ashley Villers (winterTHIRTEEN).

If you’re not familiar, TwitchCon is a chance for Twitch streamers to interact with their community and, in the case of art streamers, sell the works they’ve been creating in front of a live audience throughout the year. My setup included prints, stickers and posters from the Fear in the Age of Knowledge series, as well as Overwatch, Breath of the Wild, Cuphead and Celeste fan art.

I was insanely fortunate to be a padawan learner to Ashley and her husband Nick, who are seasoned Jedi masters when it comes to conventions.

I was also deeply encouraged by the interest people took in Fear in the Age of Knowledge and other non-fan art works. It showed me that it’s okay to lean into your own ideas: they always seem to find an audience!

But the best part by far was catching up with old and new acquaintances. Bouncing around the Gaslamp District at night with this crew and the memories that ensued are gifts I will treasure for a long time.

Thursday lunch with Shticky and twosenseless.
Friend, illustrator and mod extraordinaire Daedlogistics.
Booth neighbor, illustrator and perpetually-vomiting-cat wrangler missdaisydee.
New pal and illustrator Miyou.
Illustrator, battle Mercy and professional hiccup artist Maliveth with heat_death51.
The boy band literaly no one asked for: UnsanityLIVE, me and ArtsyFartsy.
Digital painter and character conjurer SamPetersonArt.
theladymea and CarsonDrewIt, with a Babadook-esque appearance by winterTHIRTEEN.

Thanks to everyone who bought prints, stickers and posters, and to everyone who followed on Twitch, Instagram and elsewhere. I’m hoping to set up an online shop soon, so if you didn’t get a chance to snag some merch, stay tuned.

I’m feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to make art. Thanks for the amazing memories, TwitchCon! I’ll see you on stream.