Goodbye, Twitter (Sort Of)

I’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus from Twitter. You’ll still see posts from me, but they’ll be automated. The feed will serve as an aggregate for Instagram, Twitch and blog alerts. But I won’t be reading my timeline or checking my DMs or replies.

I’ve drafted my reasons for leaving Twitter about a dozen times and they all sound overwrought and pretentious. Suffice it to say, I can’t wade through the din of vitriol and snark anymore. The platform has changed in a way that no longer feels like it encourages creativity, let alone the decent behaviors that would constitute normal interactions between strangers. When your feed becomes a labyrinth of angry threads and tweetstorms, when people tout bans as shoddy merit badges, when the echo chambers become so cacophonous you feel like your skull is ringing, it’s time to step away.

If you need to contact me directly, please do so at stephenbobbett {at} gmail {dot} {com}. Otherwise I’ll see you on Instagram and Twitch. All the best,

Stephen, a.k.a. “Fancy”


Highlights from my playthrough of Transistor, which consists mostly of me talking dirty over cutscenes. Despite that, Transistor was a gorgeous experience with a unique play style and a beautifully fleshed-out world and love story beneath it. Highly recommended.

Scenes from Thanova: The EVAC Bar

Years ago, a Taladec escape pod crashed into the debauched Rayne District of Port Region, Sector 23. And while the carnage was unfortunate, it would lay the groundwork for a trendy bar decades later. Named the EVAC (Ethanols, Vapers and Crystals), the bar caters to exasperated Gamma service industry workers, letting them blow of steam in the dark hours after their shifts.

Available as prints and stickers on Redbubble.