Fear in the Age of Knowledge, No. 1 (Inks)

Inktober has begun. This year I decided to go with the official prompt list and create works related to a central theme: fear in the age of knowledge. While I’m leaving room for abstraction, the goal is to springboard off the prompts to contemplate what it means to be afraid in an era flooded by information.

After Inktober, I’ll be watercoloring these with the goal of doing a gallery show near my home in the New Hampshire seacoast. I’ll also be making them available as stickers, print and other merchandise on a new Society6 store starting in November.

For patrons who requested Inktober drawings, I’ll still try to draw your requests after the month is over. Thanks for understanding my shift in focus. This was a project that spoke to my heart when it occurred to me, and I’m looking forward to seeing it through.

You can watch streams of the artistic process almost every night EST in October. Visit the Twitch page for more.

Twitter Shift

I just wanted to let you know that starting next week, I’ll be signing off Twitter indefinitely. Both my Twitter profile and Facebook page will become an automated aggregate for the content I’m posting on Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Patreon and this blog. I won’t be responding to replies and DMs, so if you need to contact me, please email me directly at stephen [at] stephenbobbett [dot] [com].

There are so many Twitter expatriate posts in the blogosphere that I hesitate to add my own. Suffice it to say, between platform changes that infested my carefully manicured timeline with a bunch of algorithmic weeds, and the persistent anxiety that comes with having the foaming zeitgeist of the planet at my constant disposal, I just kind of feel like Twitter sucks a lot right now.

That being said, I know a lot of people use Twitter to stay current with their favorite content creators. This profile will still feed you art posts, stream alerts, videos and other Fancy goodness. It just won’t have the personal touch. For that, I’d recommend following my other social media outlets. Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll see you elsewhere on the Internet.

The Big Crunch: First Page Releases

The Big Crunch - Blastich

The first five pages of The Big Crunch, Issue 1 are now free to read on the comic website. The Big Crunch is a graphic novel about Thanova, a crowded alien metropolis under a black hole sun. In this first issue, a bombastic vagrant doomsayer named Blastich is on a quest for a meal at the most prestigious restaurant in the galaxy.

If you enjoy these pages, consider becoming a patron at the $2 to get early access to each one as it’s completed. Thank you for reading and supporting!

Yondu Udonta

I’ve been sick as a dog these past couple of days, so I laid in bed watching The Guardians of the Galaxy movies. There’s a line of Yondu’s that resonated with me, about the telekinetic arrow that he can thread through his enemies like a needle using nothing but whistles. He says to Quill, “I don’t use my head to fly the arrow, boy. I use my heart.” And I thought, what a good metaphor for my art for the New Year.

I get easily obsessed with technique, style, media. And that obsession leads to perfectionism, which does nothing but stifle my work. In 2018, I want to make the heart my focus. I want intuition, creativity and exploration to dominate my sketchbook. Discipline is important, but I think the brain learns more fluidly when the heart is allowed to guide it.

Let’s fly the arrow with our hearts this year. Oh, and get over this seasonal cold.

Inktober 2017

Inktober is a yearly fall challenge to draw 31 traditional ink drawings in 31 days. Rather than follow the official prompts, I asked my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch followers to give me suggestions. Here are the results. Enjoy!

Inktober 2017 No. 1: Samuel L. Jackson

No. 1: Samuel L. Jackson, requested by @rddj623 on Instagram.


No. 2: Scary Terry, requested by @ceruleanoak on Instagram.


Inktober 2017 No. 3: Dwight Schrute

No. 3: Dwight Schrute, requested by @baileyjanew on Instagram.


Inktober 2017 No. 4: Chewbacca

No. 4: Chewbacca, requested by @mickmontgomery on Instagram.


No. 5: Piranha Plant, requested by @ceruleanoak on Instagram.


No. 6: Nicolas Cage, requested by @ryanahlgrim on Instagram.


No. 7: Pennywise, requested by @Jekkt__ on Twitch.


No. 8: Jackalope in a Top Hat, requested by @fluffynopeIX on Instagram.


No. 9: Cuphead, requested by me.


No. 10: Leviathan, requested by @daedlogistics on Twitch.


No. 11: Weresheep, requested by @sandmanevil on Twitch.


No. 12: Giraffe Cop, requested by @whackly on Twitch.


No. 13: A walking beard, requested by @welkhiki on Twitch.


No. 14: Cousin Jake and his many chins, requested by @jweidmanphoto on Instagram (a.k.a. Cousin Jake).


No. 15: Doctor Narwhal, requested by Jen from my pub trivia team.


No. 16: The Irredeemable Ant-Man, requested by @unsaxon51 on Twitter.


No. 17: The Turtle Jerk, requested by Dave on my pub trivia team.


No. 18: A shoe, requested by Karen on my pub trivia team.


No. 19: Phil Kliger as a bubble boy, requested by none other than @u_p_ himself on Instagram.


No. 20: A creature in overalls, requested by @thedreamingbat on Instagram.


No. 21: Someone discovering they’ve just grown a tail, requested by Facebook friend Josh.


No. 22: Rejected superhero, requested by Facebook friend Amanda.


No. 23: Yellian Jack-o-Lantern, requested by @mommamillipede on Instagram.


No. 24: Creepy Lollipop Kid, requested by @the_saikko on Instagram.


No. 25: The T.J. Eckleburg sign from The Great Gatsby, requested by @shelbiaris on Instagram.


No. 26: Ernest Hemingway manscaping, requested by @joeley603 on Instagram.


No. 27: Kid in a shitty robot costume, requested by @alenuian on Instagram.


No. 28: A porcupine, requested by @meridianfey on Instagram.


No. 29: Christopher Walken. I can’t remember who requested this!


No. 30: Spider-man, requested by @wrenagade419 on Instagram. I added ugly-crying Tobey Maguire for kicks.


No. 31: @sobekthesphynx on Instagram. I saved the best for last.